You’re on the verge of a huge life change.

But you’re not really sure where you’re headed.

You’re dedicated to serving others well as a healer, teacher, artist or coach, but your own needs have been ignored for too long.

Something has to change!

You’ve been spending hours Googling things like:

  • How to find work-life balance
  • How to start a side hustle
  • How to earn more money / be financially free
  • How to be a digital nomad
  • How to know what to do next in life
  • How to design a better future

But what you really want is the FREEDOM to live AUTHENTICALLY.

You have some ideas… lots…or hardly any. Maybe it feels like your well of good ideas has dried up.

And when you tell your friends or your parents what you’re thinking about doing with your future, they laugh at first and then shift into concern, skepticism, or even anger.

So you give it up and tuck the ideas away somewhere.

“Maybe they’re right,” you think… “Maybe I’m not one of those people who does things differently.”

But you want to be. Your heart yearns to do life your own way.

You want to live boldly and live your purpose. Whatever the heck that means.

It often means seeking for freedom.

I think it means becoming the designer and builder of your life … knowing full well that it will require constant adaptation with nature and circumstance.

Sure …There will be hard times …

There will also be mind-blowingly beautiful times you don’t want to miss.

You’re ready to find space inside for the full range of life and emotion.

You’re eager to make thoughtful decisions and move toward a life of more freedom and intentionality.

Yes, it’s important to know when and how to take what comes in life …

It’s also important to MAKE what comes in life with devotion to a bigger vision.

We are all creators and you are the most influential creator in your own life.

If you’re ready to stop living by default so you can design and create your future to fit your authentic purpose, then check out Lifestyle Design here.

It’s possible to design a life you love! …and it’s worth it.



Andrea Shipley



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