Sometimes I get questions from people about what I do. The conversation goes a little like this:

“Andrea, you live on a bus. You’re a licensed therapist. What do you really do? What is this “Lifestyle Design” thing I’ve seen on your website?”


And then I answer: “I literally help people design the thriving life they desire.”


Kidding. I actually don’t answer the question that way. Because if I did, no one would understand what I really do and no one would believe it was possible for them. And they wouldn’t grasp that when I use the word “thriving” I also mean bold, creative, unique, sometimes gritty, soulful, and all the adjectives that make life full and complete.


It’s nice to have a great program title and a simple statement to convey results, but designing and living a great life is rarely captured and measured in a few words.


I’d like to say that this work fits under a fancy title like “soul coach” or “lifestyle designer,” but frankly, these titles feel a little cheesy (and sleazy) to me. Instead, let me offer you a few questions to consider:


  • How often have you been sick and tired of living in the same circumstances and wanted to change the things around you but didn’t think it was possible?
  • Have you ever written down a plan for yourself? Maybe a “to-do” list that included all of the things you were going to accomplish starting on Monday (or next week, or next month…), but then never really got started?
  • Do you know many of the right things to do (or even a few things you could do) to make some progress, but momentum gets lost and then you revert back to feeling worse?
  • Do you doubt you’ll ever be able to achieve the life you most want? 


If any of these struck a chord with you, you are not alone. And, you’re not a failure. 


Many of us were led to believe that we just have to “take life as it comes” and adjust. In my opinion? That’s messed up.


Sure, adjusting is a great life skill we can deploy when we choose, but we often don’t feel like it’s a choice. Without the right ways to process things that happen to us and understand how to direct our next steps and maintain momentum so our dreams actually come true, adjusting keeps us stuck.


Total life transformation is rarely achieved without deep, holistic, professional support. That’s what I really do. I serve my clients by helping them:
  • reconnect to who they are under all of their current circumstances,
  • stop following other people’s plans and create their own, 
  • quiet the fears and confidently move toward personalized next steps,
  • identify, process, and break the habits that sabotage them,
  • cultivate self-trust and build momentum on turning daydreams into reality.


It’s one thing to write down a plan for yourself, but it’s something totally different to completely understand what is keeping you stuck, reconnect to your inner soul’s desires, develop unwavering self-trust, and design and implement a personal process that is custom built with you, not given to you by a “guru” who has no idea what’s really happening in your life.


That, my friend, is what it truly means to design your life.


Self-trust. Inner peace. Outer freedom. 


Is it your time to remember who you really are and reclaim your possibilities? 


Let’s Design,



P.S. If you’ve still not had a moment to check out my talk about the 5 big shifts that made it possible for me to create a lifestyle with more freedom and joy, you can register here. It’s time.

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