I live my life nomadically. Driving a custom-outfitted house bus isn’t for everyone, but it is my definition of a dream come true. Sometimes it’s hard to back into places, or know what’s coming up alongside me, but when I have a blindspot, I’ve found that when I pause to re-check my mirrors, I can confidently make moves that work.


It’s the same with life.


Want to know what it takes to finally see the changes you’ve been wanting to see in your life?


Let’s say you’ve been working hard toward someone else’s goals for so long that your own goals have fallen by the wayside and you can’t seem to find the time or energy to feed your own dreams…


Or maybe you’ve decided that you have nothing to lose and you’re going to go for it … but you’re not quite sure what “it” is or how to get there from where you are now…


Or you might be in the middle of a bold life transition and you’re praying that you can stick the landing and not revert back to the old way of doing things….


No matter what it is for you, there’s probably something you’d like to change about your life or you wouldn’t be reading this. 


So, I developed a mirror so you can better see what you’re seeking. And while the 5 Pillars to Meaningful Lifestyle Design isn’t going to reflect your beautiful face back to you, it will help you glimpse something even more precious: your beautiful soul.


You can watch the full talk here, or stay tuned over the next emails to gain clarity on the exact beliefs, commitments, and steps to take to confidently take your next steps.


We are all our own biggest blind spot. We tricky humans know how to weasel out of the intentions we set for ourselves … and it’s not our fault. Skip ahead to see the insights now, or take a deep breath and know they’re on their way.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, ready for change? Make the call.



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