“Hey Boss, I quit.”


That’s how I started the email in my mind over and over again. 


In the end, I didn’t storm out the door with papers flying behind me. I didn’t have to. I walked out with my head held high, smiling and hugging my co-workers goodbye, knowing that I created a different life for myself…one where I didn’t need self-righteous anger to fuel my decisions.


Have you heard of “The Great Resignation?” I’m sure you have, but just in case, let me recap: America is quitting their shitty jobs in droves despite an uncertain economy and unrest caused by a global pandemic.


Why are we so fed up? 


Why do we have to storm out of the building, burned out like overdone toast, just to have some space to heal our overwhelming lives?


Work isn’t our identity, but it certainly is a huge part of how we spend our time. 


Do a brief Google search: around 50% to 80% of Americans dislike their jobs. That means that the vast majority of Americans are actively unhappy with how they spend more than half of their waking hours each week.


Ugh! I don’t know about you, but I feel gross when I read that.


The global pandemic has made Americans come face-to-face with their mortality which has led to reevaluating their lives … and many have decided to fight for what matters most.


Although I had my wake-up call pre-pandemic, my dream was the same. I made the decision years ago to fight for what matters to me… my freedom, my relationships, my peace, my purpose, my passions, my friends, my family, my clients, my secret desire to travel the world…the list goes on.


I decided to fight for my life so I could, in turn, help others to do the same.


What I found out though is that it doesn’t have to be a fight.


It’s more of a formula:


Decision + Support + Actions = Dreams Come True


Yes, that is a little oversimplified.


It’s more like this:


Decision + Support (understanding how we cope, stopping self-sabotage, healing from our wounds, setting boundaries, rekindling/learning true self-trust, a little trial & error, intentionally creating a personal plan, learning how to be unbothered by naysayers, celebrating our wins, creating momentum, reclaiming confidence and clarity, knowing deep inside the next steps without doubt, the list goes on) + Actions = Your Dreams. Your Life. Your Legacy.


No matter what is happening in our jobs, or in the world, our formulas are ultimately up to us.


Once you decide, I’m here to support you and help you take the right actions for you – and you alone.


Let’s create chemistry,



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