Spiritual Integration Coaching

You had an Aha Moment… an awakening…

… now what?

A spiritual awakening experience lit you up with excitement and a sense of purpose. Maybe you were meditating or working with plant medicines when everything seemed to open up.

Maybe you were just walking down the sidewalk and found an inner silence that struck you as revolutionary.

The world presented itself to you in a way that felt truer than the status-quo paradigms you’ve always lived with. You caught a glimpse of the divine, and it changed the course of your life and may have changed you as well.

As the catharsis of that enlightening moment faded, your perception returned to “normal” – and you started to feel less clear and connected. So you want to revive your connection to Source and be more intentional about living a Spiritual and meaningful life.

You’re managing day-to-day life just fine, but you want to take it a little further. You want to “be the change you want to see” and figure out what it means to live purposefully and in alignment with this new paradigm.

But where do you go from here?

There are a lot of voices and opinions out there, offering you tips and tricks to live the right way. It’s not always easy to find the path that’s right for you among all that noise.

A coach can guide you to your personalized approach to integrating your spiritual experiences and living your unique purpose. You decide your direction based on your deepest values, and the coach guides the way and offers personalized strategies to help you along.

You want this because you feel “pulled” or “called” to live a spiritually focused life. At this point, you cannot go back to the way you were, but you don’t necessarily have the time or circumstances to go live in a monastery, spend 40 days and nights fasting in the desert, or meditate like a hermit on a mountaintop.

You’re devoted to living your modern life…

… and walking YOUR unique spiritual journey, too.

You’re tired of feeling alone on the path and ready for a guide who can help you get organized, clarify your real values, and stay accountable to living in alignment with those values.

You’re living a good life already – healthy and content – but you know you could thrive more. That expansive memory of your awakening experience is inviting you to commune with life more deeply, and your soul has accepted the journey.

Since you can’t go back, you courageously step forward. I’m here to walk the path with you, point out traps and obstacles, help you recover from the ones you fall into, and reorient yourself as you carry on.

It’s not that woo-woo.

Integrative Coaching sessions seek to help you bring your paradigm shift into your daily life in practical ways. We’ll explore the different aspects of your daily life and infuse them with your new understandings, so they can impact your work, relationships, and self-concept in ways that help you feel more freedom, compassion, and connection.

You’ll establish daily practices like Mindfulness, Self-expression, and Gratitude that work with your energy level, personality style, and lifestyle for a personalized sense of discipline designed to keep you on track toward your personal goals as well as your soul’s calling.

And you’ll learn to return to inner centeredness and savor your life TODAY while also moving toward your goals.

Answer your inner calling and call me today.

Reach out to me for a free 25-minute consultation. We’ll talk about where you are now, where you want to go, and what some of the obstacles are that you face.

If you’re committed to your growth and your soulful life journey, then I’m committed to helping you get there. On the call, we’ll decide together if we’re a good fit to work together. No matter what, you’ll have more clarity by the end of it.

Call me now at (804) 404-5593 or email andrea@andreashipley.com to schedule your coaching consultation.

Now is always the time.