Sometimes, we all need a change.

And, if we’re alike, sometimes there is a desire to make it big…

I’ve changed careers numerous times.
I’ve changed locations regularly. (Currently, I’m writing to you from my home on the road and I’m in the mountains of New Mexico)
I’ve changed my clothes, my plans, my ideas, my home, and my mindset.

But, the single most important change I’ve ever made in my life is

How I change.

Many people think change is scary,
that it means we’re impetuous or indecisive,
that we’ll get labeled as unpredictable or erratic,
or that we’re trying to find an escape from the things that eat away at us.

This isn’t the case.

Change doesn’t always have to signify unrest, but more often than not, the desire to change is your soul speaking to you from the inside.

It’s your inner voice telling you that you can’t go forward on the same path and thrive.
It’s you speaking to you.
It is your wake-up call to do life differently.

I know that sometimes change can be scary. I felt the fear creep in, too. But one day, I knew that my inner voice couldn’t be ignored and I needed to find a better way to change.

So I decided to change the way I change. As a licensed therapist and coach (and a determined human), I knew that even though my decision to change was the first step, I had to design a way to change that was authentic to who I am as a person.

And if I was going to help anyone else through their changes, I had to develop a process that works to help them design a life that was authentic to who they were, too. (more on how to do that coming soon)

We all have that inner voice. The one who knows that things must change for us to make our dreams a reality.

I’d like to hear what yours is saying…

Comment and tell me how you know when it’s time to change. What does your inner voice tell you?

Here’s to listening inwardly—

P.S. When you send me your thoughts, I WILL read them and respond and share mine with you!

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