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No, it’s not a clothing catalog. But it is about what fits you.


Do you believe your life can fit you?


Most people learn to bury their true desires and focus on fitting into an externally designed standard. 


They focus on molding themselves so they can fit into a job description or match up with someone else’s dating profile. 


While this chameleon-like skill has its place, it’s not good long-term. When it becomes routine to fit into something that isn’t aligned, it can lead to a chronic sense of self-abandonment. 


They learn to “adjust” to what is handed to them instead of “deciding” what’s next for them.


It’s why my first pillar for designing a meaningful lifestyle is: Believe Your Life Can Fit You.


For the sake of curiosity …


What would your lifestyle look like if you stopped bending over backward to fit into your life and instead, your lifestyle was molded around who you are as an authentic human? 


Imagine it. Go ahead. Close your eyes (well, read this first – then close them) and see yourself living the way you wish, with more energy and clarity because of the alignment you feel with the choices you’re making.


Even if you can’t imagine it all, you can get a taste of it. And yes, there’s some self-exploration that has to happen first. To live your most aligned life, you must KNOW yourself and take the time to reacquaint yourself with YOU. 


You’d also need to know what you really want and why it matters to you at all.


Not the surface things that we all know we want: more time, money, love, joy, and freedom. But what those ACTUAL things are that bring you to these things…and the beliefs that we need to cultivate and discard in order to live our dreams.


It’s the first step I always take with my clients: understanding what fits. 


If you’re ready to decide, and want to see if we’re a fit to work together to bring about your next transformation, let’s talk.


And if you want to skip ahead to the next pillar for building a meaningful lifestyle, you can see my talk here.


Comfy jeans that actually fit for the win,