Counseling for Spiritual and Existential Issues

Counseling for Spiritual and Existential Issues

Now what?

A powerful spiritual experience shifted the way you think about the world.

It was beautiful and profound in helping you recognize your innate connection to everything in the universe.

But life since that moment has been scary and confusing, as you’ve tried to integrate the new existential point of view while the other people in your life still see things in the same old ways.

Stuck Half-way to Satori

You can’t keep doing things the same way, and yet you’re not sure what else to do.

Questions swirl through your mind like: “What’s my purpose?” “Is there a point?” “How do I surrender?” and “Who am I?”

It’s harder to take pleasure in things you used to enjoy or engage in daily tasks. You had a genuine experience that taught you how connected you really are to everyone else, and yet you’re also feeling isolated because no one around you is experiencing similar things. It’s like everything is changing on the inside, and nothing is changing on the outside.

You don’t have to hold this burden or tread this path alone.

Working with a counselor who’s trained in a transpersonal approach can help you see the path forward. Transpersonal means “beyond the personality.”

It has the potential to be both extremely practical and kind of “out there” depending on what’s needed.

It can help you find the ground again.

It’s really easy to get into habits in every aspect of life.

We put the same leg into our pants first or take the same route to work every day. We have mental habits, too, thinking a lot of the same thoughts, having the same ideas, the same criticisms and judgments.

We generally have to put effort and energy into seeing and doing things differently. Or we may have an “aha moment” or even a traumatic moment that expands our perception in a profound way.

For at least a moment, the fish becomes acutely aware of the ocean it lives in. That bigger picture realization can help positive changes occur naturally, but sometimes it can be debilitating when our understanding of life is getting restructured at the same time we’re trying to pay our bills and manage family life.

Transpersonal work empathizes with our humanity and all the details involved in living a “good life.” It recognizes the communities and systems that we individuals fit into and the planetary community our human systems exist within. And in certain cases, it explores what’s beyond all that as well.

Shift from an “either/or” mentality to an inclusive “both/and” awareness.

The process of integration after a spiritual experience, existential crisis, plant medicine journey, or dark night of the soul is best done with the support of someone who knows the territory.

Daily practices like Mindfulness, journaling, and others will support the thoughtful explorations of therapy sessions. You will reconnect to your inner wisdom and develop the courage to face fears that keep you stuck.

Learn to live intentionally and minimize anxiety and depression, while bridging the gap between what seems like two different worlds.

Don’t let it get worse before you get the help you need…

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