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Hi, I’m Andrea.

I’ve dedicated years of my life to becoming the kind of coach and counselor I always hoped I’d find. I’ve become well acquainted with boundaries and courage, because I’ve done the hard work to implement them in my life despite fear and social pressures.

When you enter a relationship with me (lifestyle design coaching or mental health counseling), you’ll have a mentor, confidante, and healer on your side, offering gentle guidance and challenges to help you contact your inner reservoir that holds the keys to your own success and well-being.

I have no doubt that you can accomplish quite a lot on your own; but if you have a sense that you’ve reached a stagnant point in your ability to maximize your potential alone, then it’s time you reached out for help from someone who knows the territories of healing and transformation.

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There’s something here for you…

Whether you’re doing well in life but want to ramp things up by designing your lifestyle
so you can really thrive and evolve consciously,

or you feel like you’re just kind of scraping by in life and think counseling / therapy can help you build that strong emotional foundation…

Are you ready to make the most of your unique life journey?


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Testimonials about Lifestyle Design…

Alive Explorations LLC | Online Counseling in Virginia and Lifestyle Design

“It’s about time we all start to line up with our North Star and put intention into our lives and lifestyles.

Alive Explorations LLC | Online Counseling in Virginia and Lifestyle Design

What’s the best option for you?

Online Therapy or Lifestyle Design Coaching?

Severe internal pain or mental health issues like anxiety, depression, trauma, or addiction are best processed and healed in a therapeutic counseling setting so a strong emotional foundation can be formed. If you’re located in Virginia, then set up a consultation to see if Andrea can help.

You’ll see other therapy options are available for people engaged in Spiritual Crisis and people coping with their work as Healthcare professionals.

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Other people have a pretty solid mental and emotional foundation already, but they need a little help to patch up any cracks in that foundation and develop the courage and skills necessary to live with more purpose and excitement. For these folks, Lifestyle Design Coaching is best … and you can be located anywhere to work with Andrea as your coach.

You’ll see additional coaching options are available for Spiritual Integration. This is a great option for people making sense of spiritual experiences with plant medicines or other practices and rituals.

You don’t have to do it all alone.

And you might be shocked by the progress you can make once you’ve found the right guide.

Don’t wait any longer to devote yourself fully to your best life. I’m looking forward to helping you build it.

Schedule a free consultation as your next step toward committing to a better life.

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