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Hi, I’m Andrea Shipley.

You’re looking for the best counselor or lifestyle coach near you who can help you finally become the best version of yourself and transform your life for the better.

I’ve dedicated years of my life to becoming the kind of Holistic Counselor (LPC in Virginia & Florida) and Lifestyle Design Coach I always hoped I’d find. In fact, I’ve dedicated years to learning what it takes to live a fulfilling life of balance.

You might be wondering how to be happy just being you! 

When you enter a relationship with me (through Lifestyle Design Coaching or online Holistic Therapy in Virginia or Florida), you’ll have a mentor, confidante, and healer on your side. I’ll offer gentle guidance and thoughtful challenges. This will help you contact your inner knowing, which holds the keys to your authentic success and well-being.

I have no doubt that you can accomplish quite a lot on your own. However, if you feel stuck and unable to explore your potential alone, then it’s time to reach out for help from someone who knows the terrain of healing and transformation.

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Whether Counseling in Virginia & Florida or Lifestyle Design Coaching:

Perhaps you’re doing “ok” in life but you feel stuck, bored, or unsatisfied … so you want to ramp things up by re-designing your lifestyle in order to create a more fulfilling life and evolve consciously,

OR you feel really stressed and overwhelmed, like you’re just kind of scraping by in life so you think counseling / therapy can help you build that strong emotional foundation…

Either way, are you ready to make the most of your unique journey and invest in a healthier life?

There’s something here for you…


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What’s the best option for you?

Online Counseling / Therapy or Lifestyle Design Coaching?

If you’re experiencing severe emotional pain or mental health issues like feelings of anxiety, depression, trauma, impulsivity, or spiritual concerns, therapy / counseling will likely be the best option. Therapy (also known as counseling) helps you build a strong emotional foundation and healthy coping skills like self-awareness. It can help you recover from past hurts while creating stability in your current life.

If you’re located in Virginia or Florida, then set up a counseling consultation to see how Andrea can help.

You’ll also see mindfulness therapy options available for people looking for Spiritual Counseling or coping with their high-stress work as Healthcare professionals.

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Lifestyle Design Coaching is a great fit if you have a pretty solid mental and emotional foundation already.

Perhaps you need clarity about what you really want before you make a decision. Or you need expert help to develop the courage and skills to create a bold and fulfilling life.

Also, you can be located anywhere to work with Andrea as your coach.

Andrea walks her Lifestyle Design clients through her step-by-step process to clarify your ideal lifestyle goals and create a plan of action and the resilience to successfully create it.

You’ll see additional coaching options are available for Spiritual Integration. This is a great option for people making sense of spiritual experiences they’ve had with meditation, plant medicines or other practices and rituals.

*Please note that coaching is not medical and you will not receive a diagnosis or treatment of any mental health related issues. If you need mental health support, reach out for a counseling consultation with Andrea or check out an online counseling directory like Psychology Today to find the right therapist to help you.

It’s easy to fall into unhelpful routines…

You feel unsatisfied and out of balance and each day looks like the last.

You tell yourself that tomorrow is a new day and you’ll start doing the real work then. Tomorrow you’ll start to investigate difficult feelings and work on accepting yourself. Unfortunately, that tomorrow doesn’t come. You put it off for the next tomorrow instead … and the next. Will that day ever come?

What seemed like a short-term race can turn into years and decades of non-stop hustle and emotional avoidance.

It’s a little harder to create healthy routines!

The truth is, it won’t resolve on its own but you can choose to take action TODAY to improve your life. Reach out for online Counseling in Virginia & Florida with Andrea Shipley, LPC to start reducing anxiety and feeling more alive and intentional.

Man with head in hands. Online therapy in Virginia with Andrea Shipley

Testimonials about Lifestyle Design…

“It’s about time we all start to line up with our North Star and put intention into our lives and lifestyles.

Alive Explorations LLC | Online Counseling in Virginia and Lifestyle Design

Testimonials about Lifestyle Design…

Alive Explorations LLC | Online Counseling in Virginia and Lifestyle Design

Counseling in Virginia & Florida or Lifestyle Design Coaching can help you take back ownership of your life.

Life can feel disappointing, scary, and outright irritating.

Especially when you get so overwhelmed that you aren’t taking the steps needed to be as healthy as possible and to live in a purposeful way.

You want a healthier lifestyle, balance, and fulfilling days, but you’re not sure the best path forward. There are intense feelings to navigate so you need a guide to point the way through.

The exhaustion and stress you feel suggest that it’s time to shift some things around so you can thrive in a more sustainable lifestyle.

Reach out to Andrea today to find out if counseling or coaching are what you’re looking for.

woman with dog in skoolie. On the verge of change. Lifestyle Design

Come Alive. Explore Your Soul.

Design Your Life.

You don’t have to do it all alone.

And you might be shocked by the progress you can make once you’ve found the right guide.

Don’t wait any longer to devote yourself fully to your best life. I’m looking forward to helping you build it.

Schedule a free consultation as your next step toward committing to a better life.

There’s something here for you, whether it’s Counseling in Virginia & Florida or Lifestyle Design.

If you’re still not sure whether you would benefit more from online Mental Health Counseling or Lifestyle Coaching, we can talk about your situation and decide together on your free consultation.

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